Replenishing Eyebrow Oil

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Charity has created a special proven formula oil to refresh your eyebrows and reinstate that youthful exuberance that will have you looking and feeling much younger!

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This special formula of Replenishing Eyebrow Oil will rejuvenate your brows, renew hair follicles and refresh your delicate skin cells. Use daily, in the morning, and in the evening, to revitalize your brows and give you a glow that will visibly improve your eyebrow appearance.  You will soon reveal the thicker brows you were always meant to have.

Replenishing Eyebrow Oil doesn’t clog pores.  It stimulates circulation and encourages nutrient absorption.  It is made with organic ingredients.  It has NO negative side effects (Including no nasty fall out if you stop using it).

Replenishing Eyebrow Oil has an easy & delightful application.


Paraben – free
Perfume – free
No useless fillers
Rich in powerful organic healing essential oils & vitamins
Specifically created to regrow younger, fuller, and more lush eyebrows

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14 reviews for Replenishing Eyebrow Oil

  1. D (verified owner)

    I am obsessed with this product! I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now and I’m actually seeing growth! Finally, a product that lives up to its promises & it smells delicious! So happy to have my eyebrows back.:)
    I just bought another one for my mom!

  2. D (verified owner)

    Love this product!

  3. Elisa

    After years of over plucking, my brows seemed permanently sparse. I have been using this product for a couple of months now and my brows are significantly thicker and healthier.

  4. suzannes (verified owner)

    This oil is amazing and truly works! I needed it so bad and have been waiting forever to find something like this. As everyone knows it takes a lifetime for them to grow in. Charity saved me! 🙂

  5. Logan Hollowell

    I used to have to pencil in daily. I disliked going under water at the pool or beach because I was embarrassed of how sparse my thin brows looked when the powder I applied was removed. The stuff saved my brows… and I have been told I look 7-10 years younger with my full/healthy brows. Thank you Charity, you are the BOMB! Plus I love that its oil and not something full of chemicals. 🙂 YAY!

  6. Lauren Prince

    SAVED MY BROWS. HANDS DOWN. Thank you for this creation!!!!

  7. Yvvonee G.

    Worth every penny. Amazing results.

  8. Jessica Hosking

    This product is awesome, actually works, and smells really good as an added bonus! My eyebrows had been over waxed so I came to charity for help to reshape them, I bought this product and have been using it for a couple months and you can actually see the difference!! My eyebrows are so much fuller and healthier looking! I’m so happy with it and hope to have Brooke shield eyebrows in no time 🙂

  9. Stacey

    Great product! Helped my sparse brows from over plucking grow back! I love that it’s all natural and doesn’t clog my pores as well. Thanks Charity!

  10. Val S

    I’ve been using this product for approximately 2 weeks and my brows look amazing! Even my co-workers have noticed & complemented me . I’m addicted!

  11. Ariana Tharp

    WellI first have to say I started to use this because the smell was so natural and nice. Then I started to see small growth in the areas that I had over plucked for many years and now I am impressed. Highly recommend this product as I am vegan and super picky about what is absorbed thru my skin.

  12. Rana

    since I have started to use this product I have noticed my eyebrow hair is growing. So far I am happy with this product. Can’t wait to see the end result. Thank you for introducing me to this product.

  13. admin

    By far the best eyebrow serum I have used, I have truly seen a huge difference in my brows.

  14. Dawn T (verified owner)

    I have been super consistent about using this product now for about a month. I have to say i actually am seeing some results. Very happy with my purchase.

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